Outplacement Services

Resume Development

Jo-Anne Smith & Associates, Inc (JSA’s) charter is to assist companies with those employees they care about and whose roles within the organization have been eliminated by providing instant “next steps” to find new and meaningful employment in a timeframe that fits their personal as well as their professional needs. Aided by a personal Career Coach and Business Advisors, our team works with individuals in the development of a clear roadmap and strategic job search plan that focuses on:
  • Effect job search & re-employment counseling
  • Assessment
  • Resume marketing plan
  • Development of marketing plans & strategies
  • Presentation Skills
  • Working with search firms
  • Networking strategies
  • Research – identification of companies in geographically preferred areas
  • Interviewing skills
  • Job lead development & referral
  • On-going mentorship
  • Participating in C-Suite and professional forums until re-employed
  • Negotiations
  • On-boarding strategies for the first 90 days